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IH stainless steel chemical centrifugal pump

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Metal magnetic pump
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Executive Standard

CQ non-leakage magnetic pump (referred to as: magnetic pump) is a new type of pump that uses the principle of modern magnetism to realize the non-contact transmission of torque by permanent magnet magnetic drive, that is, when the motor drives the outer rotor (ie outer magnetic steel) assembly to rotate. Through the action of the magnetic field, the magnetic flux passes through the isolating sleeve to drive the inner rotor (ie, the inner magnetic steel) assembly and the impeller to rotate synchronously. Since the medium is enclosed in the stationary isolation sleeve, the purpose of the leak-free pumping medium is achieved, and the mechanical transmission is completely solved. The pump shaft seal leaks, and the design of the fully sealed, leak-free, pollution-free, energy-efficient new industrial pump, the performance of the international standard, can replace the expensive imported chemical pump.

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